The “Lessons”

So you are trying to set up an Etsy shop for yourself.  Here at, you’ll find articles about all sorts of Etsy topics.

But I’ve also shared, in detail, the things I did to set up my own Shop on Etsy.  Here are those “lessons” in easy step-by-step order.

  1. Learn what it means to be Etsy-esque What kind of artwork – artisan work will be successful on Etsy
  2. What’s a blue otter got to do with it? Signing up and naming your Shop
  3. Don’t you love it when the pressure’s off? Writing your profile
  4. Etsy. Paypal. You do the math. Signing up with Paypal.
  5. The proper shipping settings for having a life How to set your shipping policies.
  6. The tip of the iceburg Other fields to fill out under Info and Appearance.
  7. The Bannerator Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 Making your Shop banner
  8. Life is a picnik! Preparing photos or your Etsy shop.
  9. Taking the plunge Adding products to your Shop.
  10. Categories? Organizing your Shop into sections…Also And some more shop sections…
  11. Today’s features! Featuring four items at the top of your Shop home page.
  12. Socialize your shop Linking with your Twitter account.
  13. Make friends with your camera More on good Etsy photography.
  14. Whoo-Hoo! Making a Sale What happens when someone buys an item from your Shop.
  15. People do judge a book by it’s cover Creative packaging for your shipments.
  16. Goin’ on a treasure hunt How to make a Treasury

Follow these articles to help set up your own Etsy shop.  Please use the comment on the bottom of each page to let folks know how things work for you.  Add your own ideas and insights.  We totally welcome comments and discussion!

And to discover many other articles, just click the categories links in the sidebar.

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Rebecca December 11, 2012 at 2:34 pm

Hi! I’m a new Etsy artist/seller and I just hoped you would look at my shop page to see what you think. Thanks!


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