The tip of the iceburg

by on August 8, 2011

Cold Waters by Rita at animalgam

Your Etsy shop settings.

I discover that payment and shipping are just the tip of the Shop Settings iceburg.  There’s all sorts of other fields to fill out under Info and Appearance.

Writing everything took a good bit of thought and research.  As I was working out what I wanted to say, I found it helpful to look at other Etsy shops (remember David’s wise advice to hang out on Etsy and get to know the turf…).  I clicked through to some of the items and shops I had already found and read what those artists wrote, especially for the Policy stuff.

Copyright.  Heck yeah, you need to retain copyright.  List this in policies, or on each product page, or both.

Returns. Hard to imagine that someone wouldn’t like my artwork after they got it, but stranger things have happened.

Shop Title seemed pretty important for searchability.  I made sure my very own name was here.

Shop Announcement shows up front and center when folks come to your shop…the first couple sentences anyway. I’ll use this to write a personal greeting, like “Hi, this is what’s going on in my artistic life right now….” and I plan to change it frequently.

Etsy makes everything pretty clear, and offers lots of helpful articles and guides. Check out the blog posting “Service Tips for Sellers: Creating Policies That Work“.


Illustration courtesy and © Rita at animalgam on Etsy

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Bob swanson August 8, 2011 at 5:40 pm

Hi Kim
Cool idea, the blog. I’m nt sure when I’ll get a chance to dive into Etsy.. But I know I will and hopefully fairly soon.. All the research and emersion into it is what’s holding me back for now.. When I do it I want to do it right and I’ve been too busy lately to have the right energy for it. And I’m glad you recognoze how important copyright is.. since sometimes you can not only make money by licensing your image, but get great PR and recognition for having it used in advertising or publication. Good stuff kiddo.


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