What could be more Etsy-esque than an ouzel?

by kim.solga@gmail.com on August 6, 2011

I left Etsy and my computer behind for five days and headed out on a midsummer rafting trip down the Klamath River in far northern California.

The Klamath flows through a very strange and ancient land of sharp edged mountains and wild rivers. It’s like a geological island lost in time. There are species of trees and animals here that exist nowhere else… rare orchids, weeping spruce, foxtail pine.

It is the land of Bigfoot.

We didn’t encounter the mythical Bigfoot yeti, but did share the river with countless eagle, osprey, river otter, turtles and bear. Young bears. Teenage bears, still naive enough to hang out by the river’s edge.  One furry brown fellow was munching waterweed on a boulder and didn’t see our big blue raft floating up to him until we were only a few yards away. Great expression on his face when he finally noticed us!  Momentary doubletake, then he bounded up the bank into the willows.  He’ll never turn his back on the upstream view again.

I caught one critter in a painting of a little waterfall on a side creek. It was the dipper bird, also called the ouzel.  Anyone who hangs out next to waterfalls on the Pacific coast knows this guy, a bird who dives right into the falling water to peck at snails and bugs beneath the surface.

So of course had to put the painting into my new Etsy store!  What could be more Etsy-esque than an ouzel?

More on the adventures of setting up shop next week!


Illustration “John Muir’s Ouzel Dips Into the Waterfall by BlueOtterArt” © Kim Solga at BlueOtterArt on Etsy www.etsy.com/listing/79009604/john-muirs-ouzel-dips-into-the-waterfall

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