Building your MailChimp subscribe form

by myetsy on June 20, 2013

Continuing our discussion on setting up a MailChimp newsletter system…Creating a sign-up form in MailChimp is easy. Once you have a list started, simply click the name of the list to see who has subscribed (no one yet, since you are just beginning) then click “Signup forms” in the menu bar above the list information.

Five different options are available. We’ll begin by clicking “Embed a form” to create a simple signup that you can place in a website…like, for example, the Classic MailChimp form you see in the sidebar on the right side of this webpage.

Create a title for your form…”Subscribe for Free” or “Free Email Newsletter” or “Email News from Me.” You can specify “only required fields” in your form (essentially, just the email address) or put all fields into your form (email, first and last name). You can see pretty much what your form will look like in the preview window. Wanting to keep things simple, I unchecked many of the other options available on the page.

I did, however, want to add a way for folks to indicate why they were subscribing. “List Form Designer.” So directly beneath “all fields” I clicked “the form builder.” On this page, I could add all sorts of stuff to my subscription form. What I wanted was Radio buttons (the little dots to check) so I clicked that, then used the sidebar to give my buttons a title and names. I also added a message at the top of the form.

When my form was ready, I clicked “share it” in the top menu. So many options! There is a link to your form on its own MailChimp page. This link can be added to any webpage or email. There are QR code images you can download and use on any printed materials (people with smart phones can simply point at your QR image and their phone takes them directly to your signup page – try it with the QR illustration in this post!).

But I wanted to have my form right in the sidebar of a WordPress website, so I needed the embed code. I clicked “Want to embed a form on a web page?” I quickly retyped the title for my classic form and made sure that the “all fields” button was selected. The preview window now displayed my little form complete with the radio buttons! The top message did not make it to my little Classic form, and that was just fine. I want it small and simple.

Finally I was ready to copy the embed code. Click in the “Copy/paste onto your site” box to select the code. Copy it. Then go to your website and paste. My form on this website lives in a sidebar text widget. You could just as easily put it on it’s own page (as you see at or create a link to its MailChimp page (as you see on

Let the subscribers roll in! We’ll figure out how to create a newsletter to send to them later….


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