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You are allowed five photos for each product on Etsy.  Use every spot!  The first photo should be your most interesting image – the one that catches the viewer’s eye and invites them to click and look more closely at the item.  The remaining four images need to tell everything else about your product.  Use them wisely.  Photos are the only thing your customer has to imagine the touch and feel of your item, how it will look in their home, how it can be used, what it would be like as a gift for their best friend.  Successful Etsy sellers craft each photo carefully to communicate as much as possible.

  • How big is it?  Let one of your photos include a hand holding the item, a model wearing it, a teacup sitting on it – some recognizable prop that shows the scale at a glance.
  • Is it made well?  Good close-up photos demonstrate your craftsmanship with larger-than-life details.
  • Would it fit my style?  At least one of your photos should show the item in a lovely, real life setting, so the customer can picture how it might look in their own home.  Photo your rustic side table in a lovely house with a vase of fresh flowers and an old book on top, the satin wood glowing in the sunlight from a nearby window.
  • How will it arrive?  Many sellers include a photo showing how their item is shipped, tastefully wrapped and tied with string, with a gift tag attached.  People can easily see how it would be to send this as a gift (or “gift” themselves with this wonderful package).
  • What’s it look like inside, underneath, from the back?  Photograph your item from different angles so viewers feel as if they have actually picked it up and held it in their own hands.


A close-up photo shows both the vintage frame and the artist’s signature.  Illustration courtesy and © BlueOtterArt on Etsy:

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Jen | Acts of Craftiness April 12, 2013 at 8:32 pm

Good tips! I know that I should have a picture with my hoop art in a real life setting but setting up for photos feels so time-consuming to me that I never have the motivation to do it. I guess I should probably just bite the bullet and get it done.


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