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by on December 12, 2012

One path to visibility on Etsy is getting your products included in treasury lists that other people create.  Etsy discourages making treasuries with your OWN products, instead inviting you to network, join other people’s circles and teams, and build a base of friends, followers and fans who will showcase your items in the treasuries they create.

If you have great product photography, folks may naturally select your items for treasuries.  Great products are important of course, but it’s your photography that make the difference here.  Keep an eye on the Etsy home page.  Let the products featured there be an inspiration for your own photos.  Read everything you can about taking great digital photos and work constantly to improve your own.

To enlarge your newtork of friends and colleagues, you can also join some of the many different treasury challenges posted on team boards.  The basic game is to create a treasury inspired by and including a product from the winner of the previous week’s game.  Multiple shop owners take part, and that week’s chosen item is shown in many different treasuries.  At the end of the week, the featured shop owner then selects a winning treasury, and the game begins again with a new featured product.

I first began playing a treasury challenge game at the Shiny Happy People team, an international group of very friendly artists and artisans.  Over the course of a year, I created many different treasuries. Fun!  Always a challenge to come up with an enticing title and theme based on the featured product.  The most recent was Treasury Challenge 30, and resulted in my “Don’t Give Up Your Day Job” treasury pictured with this article.  And yes, I’ve been chosen as a weekly winner a couple times (honor!), got to select my own paintings to be featured in the game.

Join a team and participate in regular treasury challenges!  The more you help promote other Etsy artisans, the more they will help promote your shop.

Don’t Give Up Your Day Job” treasury by Kim Solga on Etsy. Cool 8-frame illustration created at


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