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by on October 12, 2012

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Cross selling is a challenge on an Etsy shop.  The Etsy system always shows two thumbnails of other items over on the right side of a product page, but you can’t specify these.  So how do you suggest coordinating items?

Wanita, from WackyWanitaDesigns, has come up with a clever solution.  She uses one of her 5 image fields for a “catalog-style” image that displays two additional items. If you buy her clutch purse, you will obviously be interested in the matching flower hat and button earrings.

Match Wacky Wanita’s clutch with other shop items!

Wanita creates her catalog images using the collage feature at “There are a number of ways to implement and layer collages,” she explains, “but I went straight for the Square Deal option, because for Etsy, this means all the images are large enough to see. I did leave one square blank when creating each collage so that I could include some catchy marketing text… I wanted Wacky Wanita customers to be able to see how the artists of my shop integrate a particular item with other items, and then maybe even take that extra step and begin imagining how the item would fit into his or her own style–or gift idea, or whatever else.”

Photoshop would also be great for building these multi-layer images, assuming you own the program and know how to use it (a huge assumption). Wanita notes that there are disadvantages to using an online system like “Picmonkey tends to have inconvenient stalls, and the auto-adjust feature needs some improvement–not to mention that none of my photos are stored, so I have to keep uploading them in order reuse them.” But hey, it’s free and simple. Hard to complain about that.

So would your shop be improved with some cross selling?  Here’s a few tips from Wanita herself:

  1. Do not waste all five images, or even four of them, with collages. Save the collage for the final image, so that the customer can really get a good look at the product itself in the first four.
  2. Show items that really work well with the product, rather than a hodge-podge of other items from the shop. This will help to sell the item itself, because the customer will begin to envision the item working well with many things, or having multiple uses. It will also help her to grasp the feel of the store, and maybe return for similar items later.
  3. Do not worry about including links to the other items in the collage. Links will only take the customer away from the page with the item she was hoping to buy.  The collage is only meant to spark the customer’s imagination, get her into a space where she wants to shop.
  4. Finally, do not use a collage for every item in your shop–especially if not all your items have multiple uses. Etsy is a wonderful hub for artists, and its greatness is upheld by a strong foundation of rules and guidelines. If collages become overused, Etsy admin would have every power to ban them!

Do check out WackyWanitaDesigns on Etsy, and her blog Wacky Wanita’s YOUnique Boutique at
Illustration courtesy and © WackyWanitaDesigns on Etsy:

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It's Me July 13, 2012 at 12:12 am

Brilliant! I love this idea!


Michelle July 13, 2012 at 9:58 pm

Very innovative idea!


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