13 Doors to your shop

by kim.solga@gmail.com on September 2, 2012

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When you list or edit an item in your shop, you can add up to 13 Tags. 13 ways for people to find your items when they search for things. 13 doors to get into your shop.

Tooth Fairy Doors by Enchanted Door at Etsy.

 Tags are keywords about your item that Etsy uses to help shoppers find what they are seeking. The tags section is in the middle of the “List an item” screen, whether you are addint a new item or editing an item already in your shop.

It’s to your advantage to use all of the tags you are allowed. Each tag is a marketing opportunity. You might find it a challenge to come up with great 13 tags about an item, so here’s a few tips gleaned from Etsy tutorials and other Etsy sellers.

1. What is it? Necklace, print, vase. You are allowed to use more than one word, up to 20 characters, as long as the words describe the item. So a small purse could also be tagged “cosmetic case,” “travel case” or “make up bag.”

That said, Etsy does have tagging rules, including: You may not stuff multiple words into a single tag that do not comprise a descriptive phrase (for example: “beach water sunset,” “handbag purse clutch,” “green red blue black”).

2. What’s the main color? Many people search Etsy for particular colors, so dedicate a few tags to describing the main color of your item. Think like a buyer! Include trendy color names: aqua, teal, mint green, peach. Make colors specific: navy blue, olive green, off white. Include distinctive color combos: black and white, red white and blue.

3. What’s the main material, especially if this is something buyers will search for? Tags such as “leather,” “organic cotton,” sterling silver.” There is a separate Materials section where you can list all your materials, but feel free to include unique and important materials in Tags.

4. Is there anything specific that makes your item appropriate for searches? Tags like handmade, handspun, vintage, romantic…

5. Include your name or artistic nickname – the “handle” you use to sign your work and correspond with customers! As you promote your Etsy shop and get known on other social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and so on), people may wish to find you by name. So using this as a tag for at least some of your items will help these Etsy searchers discover your shop.

If you run short of tag ideas, click “Get Ideas” just below the tag box. You can also find a great list of tagging ideas at www.etsy.com/blog/en/2007/guidelines-tips-tagging-on-etsy/


Illustration courtesy and © Enchanted Door on Etsy:  etsy.com/shop/TheEnchantedDoor

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Glaudius July 4, 2012 at 5:42 pm

Thanks for the tips.

I’ve never thought of including shop or artist name in tags. That is a great tip.

When looking at keywords used in searches that lead to my items, I am sometime surprised by how specific they are.
Also when you are listing a new item there is rarely the time to deeply think about what tag to write in there. Some organization might be needed there.


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