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by on June 8, 2012

Etsy released a brand new feature today – an expanded “About” page for your Etsy shop.

“We are thrilled to announce a new space within your shop where you can share the story of your business with the world.” states today’s Etsy newsletter.  “In your shop’s new About page, you can upload pictures of your process, your studio and yourselves. And of course you will have plenty of space to tell the world how you got started, what inspires you, and what your shop is all about.”

Kim’s new About page at BlueOtterArt on Etsy

I found the new page by clicking my shop link in the top menu bar, then clicking Info and Appearance in the left column, part of Shop Settings.  The new About section was the second tab.

It took awhile to populate all the areas, starting with a photo of myself as shop owner.  The coolest feature are the photos with captions, which show up as a BIG slideshow with titles to read.  Nifty!  Use “landscape” photos – wider than tall, otherwise they get cropped oddly.

Go ahead and fill things out to get started, so you can preview and see what this page looks like.  Then return to edit to your heart’s content.

Here’s the link to my Blue Otter Art Shop About page…feedback welcome!

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Glaudius June 26, 2012 at 11:56 pm

Wow you really took advantage of your about page. I never knew Etsy without that feature but somehow I did not notice that I could add roll over pictures. Almost like a blog huh!


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