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by on May 14, 2012

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Making a sale at your Etsy shop is all about connection!  As soon as you are done celebrating, here’s the next steps:

Remember to say “Thanks!” Thank you Note Cards by Sarah on Etsy.

1. Communicate!  Write back to your customer with an immediate convo.  Thank them!  Share your joy! If payment has come though your Paypal account, let them know you will be shipping right away.

2. Pack your item!  Make a pretty package (see our blog article “People DO judge a book by its cover”).  Make a secure package!

3. Ship as soon as possible.

4. Mark the order as “shipped” in your Sold Orders page.  If you have a tracking number you can add it here and your customer will be thus officially notified that their order is on the way.

5. Leave your own feedback once everything is complete, and did we mention that you can thank your customer.  Again.  You can also encourage positive feedback for your shop by politely asking for it.  Etsy suggests a note such as…. “I want you to be completely satisfied! Please let me know if there are any issues or questions with your order. If you’re pleased with your purchase, please feel free to leave me feedback.” And include a link to the Feedback page.


Illustration courtesy and © Sarah at ClipAndPin on Etsy:


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