Don’t you love it when the pressure’s off?

by on July 27, 2011

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Once you’ve signed up on Etsy, it’s time to write a short bit about yourself for your Etsy profile.  People seem to be all over the charts on this one.  Some folks write an essay with everything from childhood dreams to college degrees, including links to their blogs, website and photos of the family pet.  Other folks leave just a few cryptic sentences.

Profile Card by Rochelle31

I figure the point of being on Etsy is to connect with this new social network, so it seems appropriate to reveal myself a bit. Although I have not yet opened a shop when I begin the profile piece, being a seller is my intention.  And the very essence of Etsy seems to emphasize the personal. Handmade. Created by a real person.

So I write about myself as an artist, sharing the media I love to work in and how I mainly create paintings on location….in really remote wilderness locations.  I try to communicate why this way of working is special, what drives my artwork and makes it unique…“And bugs! You don’t even want to hear about the bugs.”

I do my best to connect, briefly, with that anonymous Etsy visitor out there in cyberspace who will, someday, click on this profile page to decide whether or not they want to do business with me.

A couple tips and tricks gathered from Etsy articles and other blogs:

  • Keep it simple. Especially words and grammar.  Remember that Etsy is an international platform, and for many readers, English is not their first language.
  • Keep it short. Make the first few sentences really compelling, because a brief glance might be all the time you get.
  • Be yourself.  After all, it IS all about you.
  • Bounce it off your friends.  Ask the people who know you best for their feedback.  Then go ahead and do what you feel is best.  Kind of like life.
  • Upload a small photo of your smiling face as your avatar.  Crop it tight, let it show your personality.  More on the avatar later….

And the best thing about the profile. I can change it later.  Update and improve.  Takes the pressure off.  I love it when the pressure’s off.


Illustration courtesy and © Rochelle31 on Etsy

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