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by on March 22, 2012

As I populate my Etsy shop with prints and paintings, it occurs to me that I ought keep a balance of small, medium and large items.  I have plenty of large stuff – original watercolor paintings that carry an “art gallery” price tag.  And a fair amount of full sized, high end, archival ink jet prints on watercolor paper that look and feel exactly like original paintings.

To balance these higher priced items on Etsy, I also make small stuff.  Special pieces that are priced really low, for folks who like my work and want to try it out before possibly (hopefully) investing in a larger piece.  I sell small 8′ by 10″ prints, tiny original paintings mounted as one-of-a-kind greeting cards, and (my favorite) small paintings mounted on antique wood blocks.

I first made little block art when I was a college kid, laminating classic art postcards to scrap wood, then sanding and finishing.  I had a whole line of blocks, and sold these thru the bookstores and giftshops.  A few of the blocks stayed with me through the years, hanging on my own walls.  Now I’m making block art again – this time with my own original paintings as the artwork.

What I really like about block-mounted paintings is their versatility.  They’re tiny enough to hang on a thumbtack in that little space between two bedroom doors, or the side of the cupboard beside the kitchen window.  You can hang them in utterly unexpected spots.  Tucked into the little angle at the top of a stairway.  Low on the wall at bedside.  In the office peeking out from behind the stapler.  You can even stand them up on shelves, cupboards, windowsills.  They fit anywhere.


Illustration shows Bluebird Friend – original block art by myself at BlueOtterArt on Etsy


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