Goin’ on a treasure hunt

by kim.solga@gmail.com on January 20, 2012

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I created my first Etsy Treasury today.  For months I have been adding products to my favorites list (“I Heart It“) as well as enjoying  Treasury collections from others.  At last it just felt like the right time to take a stab at the process myself.

I started by looking at a couple of Treasuries I had added to my own favorites, admiring their theme and color balance. Once on a Treasury page, down in the left column is a section titled Curator Tools, and beneath that, Create a List.  Clicking that brought me to a page with the blank spaces awaiting my very own Treasury’s title, description, tags and images.

It being all Valentine’s Day on Etsy right now, I named my collection Love Birds. The description was simple…”A flock of favorites.” signed with my Twitter handle @kimsolga.

Now to add the images.  I opened a second browser window for my Favorites and moved through the items, opening product pages in many different Etsy shops, deciding what to use where, copying each page URL and pasting it over into the 16 spaces on my Create a Treasury page.  It was easy to move stuff around by just dragging boxes until everything looks good.

The hardest part?  Leaving things out!  Yikes, I had way too many great items for just one Treasury, even given the restrictions of a title like Love Birds.  Editing is always a bitch.

Finally I had color balance I liked. The products represented a variety of different media, from painting to printmaking, glasswork, jewelry, garden sculpture… The birds were looking inward, looking out at you, singing and kissing.  Awwww!

I added tags that seemed to relate to the theme.  Valentine.  Chicadee. Owl. Love.

Then I saved it, which essentially published my Treasury to Etsy.

The next step was to convo each of the artists in the Treasury, personally notifying and thanking them. And finally, announce the Treasury on Twitter and Facebook.

A couple hours later now, there’s 120 views, a variety of comments, and it’s been loads of fun! I can’t wait to do it all again!


View Kim’s Love Birds Treasury at www.etsy.com/treasury/MTU2MjMzNjJ8MTg3NTQ0NDkwOA/love-birds

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