People do judge a book by its cover

by on September 21, 2013

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Create unique packaging for your Etsy orders! Wrap and ship your items so your new customer feels like it’s Christmas Day when their package arrives!

I recently read the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson (it’s a great book, by the way). Jobs, who invented Apple computers, was a design fanatic. “The aesthetic, the quality has to be carried all the way through…People do judge a book by it’s cover.”

There are over 300 US patents listing Steve Jobs as inventor, both on his own and as part of an Apple team – patents not only for computers and operating systems, but even for the packaging of these world-changing products. Jobs insisted on elegance, from the original shiny white boxes for the 1984 Macintosh, decorated with the colorful Apple logo, to the black box-and-tray system specially designed for iPod and iPhone.

It all comes down to the joy of opening an Apple product.  The box is such a great piece of design that is almost like you bought the box, and not what comes inside.

Extend this wisdom to your own Etsy shop products.  How will you pack the things you sell?  How can you protect and ship the item safely, and convey the personal connection you’ve just made with your new customer.

I am blown away inspired by the packaging in the fabulous RiverLuna shop. Marisa’s prints are protected with sturdy brown cardboard wrapped with elegant criss-crossed black twine, topped by a signature RiverLuna feather and her shop name.  “I pack that way to be completely certain there will be no damage to the painting through shipping.” Marisa explains. “And of course, it’s fun to dress it up a bit.” It’s the perfect “Etsy-esque” wrapping, and immediately turns a purchase into a special gift!

Play around with your own packaging ideas.  Remember that Etsy is all about handmade!  Create your own shipping labels. Make boxes for small items like jewelry, candles, soap.  Search for tutorials on how to fold origami boxes or make paper gift bags!. Include a care sheet. And always send a personal thank you note to the customer (otherwise known as your new friend!).


Illustration courtesy and © Marisa at RiverLuna on Etsy:

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