Make friends with your camera

by on November 27, 2011

Good photos lead to Etsy sales.

Take a look at the front page of  You’ll see a constantly changing grid of wonderful products. The items are lovely, and it’s quite an honor for an Etsy shop owner to be featured in a treasury collection, especially if that treasury makes it to Etsy’s front page!

Your camera is the key to Etsy sales.

Pay attention to the front page photos.  The one thing all these items have in common is good photography.  Tiny products show up crisp and clear.  Bright and sparkly.  Objects are set on creative backgrounds of weathered wood, pebbles, slate, tile.  The photos have interesting close-ups.  They utilize odd angles to catch your eye and inspire a closer look.

Good photography is an absolute MUST for Etsy success. And unless you have a professional photographer in the family, you’ll be taking your own photos with your handy digital camera.

Fortunately, Etsy offers plenty of help.  One recent resource is a great little video tutorial called “Product Photography for Beginners.

Watch it, inspire yourself, use for photo editing if you don’t already have a graphics program, upload your new photos to your Etsy shop then get feedback from friends. As the Etsy blog says, “Make sure to go slowly while reworking your photos; try re-doing just a few per week. Take a lot of photos of an item as you learn. This helps you to figure out what works and what doesn’t…”

Great photos make a huge difference! It’s worth all the effort you take to learn the skill.


Illustration courtesy and ©Amanda Laurel Atkins at amandaatkins on Etsy

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