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by on November 10, 2011

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When folks come to your Etsy shop page, they will see all the items you have listed.  You can also choose to show them four featured items at the top of your shop page, just below your Shop Announcement. These can be your most popular items, or seasonal specials, or whatever you want.


Use the star icon to feature products!

So if the Christmas season is coming up, and you make a cute line of Christmas ornaments, you might choose to feature those items during the month of November.  Then switch to your four most likely last minute gift giving items in December.  Then to your snowy white and ruby red winterberry items in January.  In the spring you might feature tulips and vibrant garden flowers…in the fall, colorful autumn leaves.

It’s quite simple to choose and change your featured items.  Just go to Your Shop > Currently For Sale. You will see a page showing all the items you’ve listed. To the right of each listing is a little star icon.  Click the star to feature an item.  Click the star again to un-feature that item.

You should probably feature at least four items. If you only feature three, a blank space will show on your shop page where the fourth item would go. (But then again, you might love a little white space!)  You can select more than four, but Etsy will only feature the top four – the items at the top of your Currently For Sale list. To control which four featured items will show up, you can renew things to move them to the top of the list.  Or just keep it simple and select four at a time. And maybe a fifth, sort of a reserve player, because as soon as an item sells out it gets disappeared from your shop, and that useless white space would show up again.

Maybe it’s my computer screen, but it seems that the little star icon does not change color very much when you click it.  The stars are either greyish grey or yellowish grey.  I have a tough time looking at my Currently For Sale list and seeing which items are featured. But you can always work back and forth between viewing your shop page (remembering to click the refresh button on your browser to see changes) and the Currently For Sale page to figure out which stars need a click so you can get the four features you want.

There are lots of ways to use the featured items spaces, besides the seasonal theme mentioned above. You could have a sale, and feature four items with special discount prices this week.  You could go for a color scheme, paying attention to what’s currently popular on the Etsy home page, or looking at Etsy’s trending tags.  No end to the fun you can have here!


Illustration courtesy and © Jen at malibuquilts on Etsy

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