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by on November 7, 2011

Gift giving is always a big part of Etsy sales.

Adding New Sections to your Etsy Shop

The holiday season is upon us. Gift boxes, Christmas presents, shopping for that special something for your friends and loved ones. As I surf around other Etsy shops, it dawns on me that having a shop section especially for gifts might be a good idea. Well, duh.

I had two shop sections at this point, both of them simply the subject matter of my paintings.  Wilderness Watercolors holds all the landscape paintings: rivers, mountains, beaches and the like. And Flowers has, well, flowers. Each section has its own landing page with a page title based on the section name.

So I decided to move all my smaller prints, the inexpensive items, into their own section.  Make them easier to find.  Viewers wouldn’t have to wade through the large giclee prints and original paintings to find small gifts for themselves and their friends.

Adding a new shop section was pretty easy.  I opened one of my smaller prints, clicked the Edit link up next to Listing Tools, and scrolled to Shop Section down under the Description box. Clicking that menu allowed me not only to specify a different section, but to “Add a section to your shop.”

I named my new section “Under Twenty Dollars.”  Seemed like a good name for a wide variety of items, as well as an indication of affordability.  Etsy limited the section name to 24 letters (and I used them all).

Once the new section was created, I moved the rest of my small prints the same way.  Open, edit, scroll down and select the new section.

Then, because it was so darned easy, I created another shop section called “Special Gifts,” and moved my really inexpensive items there.  I’m not totally sure my section names are the best choices, but I can always return and rename, resort, republish.

How you name your Shop Sections can also help boost your shop’s SEO (search engine optimization, of how people find your items).  Etsy has a help page on this topic at  Shop sections are just a small part of a much larger picture, but hey, every little bit helps.  Check it out, and happy holiday sales!


Illustration courtesy and © Kelsey at simplyhonest on Etsy

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