Taking the plunge

by kim.solga@gmail.com on August 26, 2011

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Takin' The Plunge - Wedding Card by papermichelle

Time to List an Item!

Finally, I get all the verification stuff back from Paypal and I have all the fields in my profile filled out. I put up a banner.  I have an Etsy shop, but it’s an empty shop.   Time to take the plunge and add an item!

So I pick one of my recent watercolor paintings to become my first Etsy product.  I already took digital photos and selected my favorite – the one with the most realistic color. I edited it to create one main image with a full view of the painting and several more detail images with close up views.

And once again, Etsy makes the process pretty easy.  Sign in to etsy.com, mouse over “Your Account” then click the handy “Add New Item” link.

The first thing Etsy wants to know is who made the item.  Easy,  I did. Another menu appears asking me to select a use.  A use?  You hang it on your wall.  I click the menu and it becomes clear – my painting isn’t a supply or a tool, so I choose “A finished product.”  Then Etsy wants to know when it was made.

Next, what is it. Lots of choices here.  I select “Art.”  Another menu appears, and there I select “Painting.”   A third menu appears and there I select “Watercolor.”

Next is Photos. In the first box I click the blue plus icon and choose the image on my computer that shows the entire painting – the full view. Then I do the same with three more Photo boxes, adding the detail images. There’s one more box available, so I add a final photo I have of me on location, painting the picture.  The icons spin as the Etsy system loads the images into my account.

Next comes the item title.  More on this later, but for now I just type in the item name. Then in the description box, I copy and paste what I have written about the painting.  It’s story.

Etsy allows me to place my item into a shop section, but being a newbie, I have no sections yet defined. I skip this part.

Then I get to the attributes and tags areas.  The words I use here will important in the way my products show up as shoppers on Etsy search for things.  I skip the areas I don’t understand, do my best to come up with 13 appropriate words for tags, list the materials used in the painting…all with the reassurance that I can return and change these once I learn a bit more about how tags and Etsy searches work.

Finally I get to name my price.  I keep the quantity at 1.  This first product is an original watercolor, so it is a unique, one of a kind item. I select the shipping profile that I already set up.  And it’s done.  I click Preview Listing.

Etsy shows me my cool new product. I read through to make sure there are no mistakes.  Oops – there’s a typo.  I click Edit, go back and fix it.  Preview again.  When I am finally satisfied, I click Publish.

And it’s official – I have an item in the BlueOtterArt shop on Etsy.  Bring on the buyers.  This thing ought to sell in an instant!

Oh, and I have finally been charged!  Etsy has added 20 cents to my bill, which I will need to pay at the end of the month.


“Takin’ the Plunge” illustration courtesy and ©Michelle at papermichelle on Etsy www.etsy.com/listing/62826589/takin-the-plunge-wedding-card

View Kim’s first original Etsy painting at www.etsy.com/listing/78021806/song-of-the-water-original-painting

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