Setting up your shop

The tip of the iceburg

August 8, 2011

Your Etsy shop settings. I discover that payment and shipping are just the tip of the Shop Settings iceburg.  There’s all sorts of other fields to fill out under Info and Appearance. Writing everything took a good bit of thought and research.  As I was working out what I wanted to say, I found it […]

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Etsy. Paypal. You do the math.

August 3, 2011

A few days later, I’m still lurking around Etsy.  Time to take the plunge and open my own shop, but first things first.  I need a Paypal account. Turns out it’s remarkably easy.  Etsy and Paypal make the connection pretty foolproof (which is good news for this fool).  I clicked through from the Shop Settings […]

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I heart it!

August 2, 2011
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One of the best things I did to get acquainted with Etsy was to start collecting my own set of “favorites.” I highly recommend it as a first step. Begin by logging in to your Etsy account, then go surfing.  Look at the constantly changing items on Etsy’s home page.  These featured items are selected […]

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Don’t you love it when the pressure’s off?

July 27, 2011

Once you’ve signed up on Etsy, it’s time to write a short bit about yourself for your Etsy profile.  People seem to be all over the charts on this one.  Some folks write an essay with everything from childhood dreams to college degrees, including links to their blogs, website and photos of the family pet.  […]

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I figure the wives are on Etsy

July 24, 2011
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There’s a history here.  It’s Superbowl Sunday 2009.  I’m watching the game over at a friend’s house on the big screen.  All the football fans are there, bowls of chips, boxes of pizza, cold beer.  At halftime, David pulls out his computer. “Are you online?” I ask. “Yeah…working my Etsy site.” he replies. “Etsy? The […]

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