Great Photos are the Key


April 11, 2013
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You are allowed five photos for each product on Etsy.  Use every spot!  The first photo should be your most interesting image – the one that catches the viewer’s eye and invites them to click and look more closely at the item.  The remaining four images need to tell everything else about your product.  Use […]

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Here’s a couple things that might go with that!

October 12, 2012
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Cross selling is a challenge on an Etsy shop.  The Etsy system always shows two thumbnails of other items over on the right side of a product page, but you can’t specify these.  So how do you suggest coordinating items? Wanita, from WackyWanitaDesigns, has come up with a clever solution.  She uses one of her […]

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Make friends with your camera

November 27, 2011

Good photos lead to Etsy sales. Take a look at the front page of  You’ll see a constantly changing grid of wonderful products. The items are lovely, and it’s quite an honor for an Etsy shop owner to be featured in a treasury collection, especially if that treasury makes it to Etsy’s front page! […]

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Life is a picnik!

August 23, 2011

Free photo editing! Getting your product photos ready for Etsy is sweet and easy with, a Seattle based photo editing website that has recently merged into the google family of consumer apps.  Their free services offer everything you’ll need to crop, rotate, resize and fine tune the photos you take with your digital camera. […]

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It’s sort of a Square Deal

August 22, 2011

Product photos on Etsy. Product photos are the single most important part of Etsy (I mean, besides the inherent quality of the product you are selling), and here’s the thing. Esty loves squares.  Items are generally displayed in a square or nearly square window.  To show up well in the gallery view, which is the […]

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