Making Sales!

David shares what it means to be Etsy-esque

January 10, 2015
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I was hired by our county arts council to put together a series of classes on the theme “The Business of Art.”  Along with workshops in digital photography, website design, marketing yourself and organizing your time, I included a workshop on Etsy and arranged for my friend David Joaquin to teach the class. The “How to […]

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Setting Your Prices

June 14, 2014
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Pricing your work is an important part of your success on Etsy.   If prices are too high, sales will drop…or simply not even begin.  If prices are too low, you’ll find yourself unable to continue making new items.  The sweet spot between these extremes, the price that is just right for your wonderful products, is […]

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Thank you!

May 14, 2012
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Making a sale at your Etsy shop is all about connection!  As soon as you are done celebrating, here’s the next steps: Remember to say “Thanks!” Thank you Note Cards by Sarah on Etsy. 1. Communicate!  Write back to your customer with an immediate convo.  Thank them!  Share your joy! If payment has come though […]

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Whoo-Hoo! Making a Sale

December 5, 2011

Take my word for it!  It’s a real thrill when you make your first sale to a total stranger on Etsy. Starts with an email sent from “Etsy Transactions,” subject line… Etsy Order Confirmation for $xxx from: your new customer!”  Wow!  You eagerly log in to your Etsy store and pull down the Your Shop […]

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500 Sales and a Blast of Inspiration

August 10, 2011

A great Etsy success story! Ah, you are going to love this.  Meet Sarah, the designer and entrepreneur behind dodeline design. Sara has a blog, and just wrote a story celebrating her 500th sale in her Etsy shop.  That’s right.  500 sales.  How sweet is that! Her story, appropriately titled 500 Etsy Sales: A Re-cap […]

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